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Welcome to Washington Family Dental! Dr. David Lesinski, DDS and his staff specialize in a wide range of services that fall under the categories of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. We’re happy to serve both new and long-term patients of all ages in our Washington, MI, dental office. 

We are passionate about dentistry and understand that everyone’s needs are different. The combined experience and high skill level of our dental team allows us to cater to each individual and provide the best care possible. Whatever essential service you or your family require can conveniently be found under one roof.

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No matter what your dental needs are, our family dentist in Washington, MI, is here to help you with your smile. Dr. David Lesinski and his trained staff take every patient into consideration and specifically tailor dental treatments so they receive only what benefits them most. To schedule an appointment, call Washington Family Dental today at (586) 752-4545 or contact us online.

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From routine teeth cleanings to transformative cosmetic procedures, Dr. Lesinski will work with you to determine the best dental plan. We’ll answer any questions you may have and recommend treatment designed to resolve your biggest concerns. 

It is our goal to enhance and protect your oral health so that your smile can remain healthy for years to come. All of our family-focused dental services have the patient’s best interest in mind and utilize the latest technology and trusted techniques.

You can rest assured that the entire family is taken care of from age 1 and up. Whether it’s dental implants or an unintended dental emergency, our experienced dentist will make you and your loved ones a priority.

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