Tooth Extractions Dentist Washington Mi

Our goal is to always do everything in our efforts to save a tooth. Yet, sometimes severely damaged or infected teeth can’t be saved and need to be removed. Your oral health is top priority to us so if a weakened tooth is causing complications, our dentist will perform a gentle extraction.

When is Tooth Extraction Recommended?

If a tooth can be repaired with restorative methods such as fillings, crowns, or other dental treatment, our dentist will always choose that option first. On the other hand, if it becomes clear that the tooth is beyond the point of saving, we will need to move forward with removal. 

Some instances where tooth extraction is necessary include:

  • Significant trauma or injury to the tooth
  • Severe decay or infection has reached deep into the tooth 
  • Your mouth is crowded, and there’s not enough room for all the teeth
  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted and are not coming in correctly
  • Dental implants or dentures are needed in place of weakened teeth

Understanding the Process

First, the tooth and gum tissue will be numbed using local anesthetic. A tool called an elevator will then be used to loosen the tooth before it can be removed with dental forceps. 

You’ll want to keep the area clean after the extraction to prevent infection. Our dentist will be sure to discuss aftercare with you before you return home. 

Put Your Oral Health First

Tooth extraction is a fairly standard dental procedure but one that is pursued only if a tooth is beyond repair. Our emergency dentist in Washington, MI, wants what is best for every patient. He will consider other forms of treatment before resorting to extraction, but sometimes it is necessary. Make an appointment today by calling Washington Family Dental at (586) 752-4545.