Composite Tooth Colored Fillings Dentist

Gone are the days of only having noticeable metal amalgam fillings to choose from after a cavity is discovered. Composite resin, or tooth-colored, fillings match the exact shade of your natural enamel which means only you know they’re there. Our dentist recommends composite fillings because no one should have to feel self-conscious about metal in their mouth.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

It’s never enjoyable to have a cavity detected but you can rest easy knowing composite fillings are a safe, aesthetically pleasing option. Fillings of this kind also allow for minimal removal of healthy tooth structure during placement. 

Unlike metal amalgam fillings, composite fillings will not be visible when you smile and for this reason, can be applied to teeth close to the front of your mouth. Not much tooth preparation is required for this procedure and results can last many years if properly cared for.

Composite fillings are: 

  • Durable and strong
  • Tooth-colored so they’ll have a natural appearance
  • Easily applied in one visit 
  • Able to resist fracture and can be used to fix small to midsize flaws 

The Procedure: What to Expect 

The process of receiving a composite filling is straightforward and will not take much time to complete. Your appointment will start with our dentist choosing the shade of composite to use so the filling blends in naturally with your tooth. 

With the shade selected, our dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding area to ensure you feel no pain. The decayed part of the tooth will then be removed using a dental drill before being prepared for the filling. Composite material will be layered into the hole in the tooth and hardened with a special light. 

Additional shaping and contouring may be needed after the composite filling has set. Our dentist will finish by polishing up the area and having you bite down to confirm it’s comfortable.

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Take care of a cavity without anyone knowing you had work done thanks to composite tooth-colored fillings. If our restorative dentist in Washington, MI, finds a cavity, he will recommend it be treated as soon as possible with this procedure to protect your oral health. Call Washington Family Dental at (586) 752-4545 to make an appointment today.