Washington Dental Mi Dental Implants

When faced with tooth loss, dental implants can serve as functional replacements. Designed to be artificial tooth roots, dental implants are permanently embedded into and fused with your jawbone for long-term stability. Unlike dentures, you never have to worry about your teeth slipping or eventual bone loss in the jaw area.

What Are Dental Implants?

Shaped like screws, dental implants are commonly made out of titanium and function as permanent tooth roots. If you have missing teeth, dental implants can be paired with a dental crown to seamlessly fill gaps. Implants are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth. 

The implantation process does take several months to complete but many patients argue that the end result is worth the investment. Much of this time is dedicated to waiting for the jawbone to heal and fuse around the implanted metal post. The implant needs to be fully bonded to the jawbone before a dental crown can be added.

How Do I Know If Dental Implants Are Right for Me?

There are several factors that affect whether or not dental implants are the best method of tooth replacement for you. Our dentist will evaluate your mouth and take time to discuss the implantation procedure with you should it prove to be the most effective solution.

You may be a candidate for dental implants if you have:

  • One or more teeth missing
  • A jawbone that’s fully grown
  • Plenty of bone to properly secure the implants or qualify for a bone graft
  • No health conditions that will interfere with bone healing
  • The desire to improve your speech
  • No habit associated with tobacco products 
  • Time to commit several months to the healing and placement process

Avoid the Hassle of Dentures

Dental implants allow patients to enjoy their favorite foods, prevent bone loss, and maintain their facial structure. Ask our dentist in Washington, MI, if you are a candidate for the dental implant procedure and we’ll get started on replacing any missing teeth. Call Washington Family Dental today at (586) 752-4545 or request an appointment online.